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Wail Tairlbahre (25) has been working for Humaps for the last couple of months. He has been conducting research for the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences regarding the implementation of SEO within small businesses, and he is almost finished. He is ready for the summer, but before he goes off on his vacation to Casablanca, we asked him a few questions about his time at Humaps.

Wail Tairlbahre

Wail Tairlbahre

“Apart from all the work, it was also very nice to work with these people as we had a lot of fun.” 

Could you tell us a bit more about your internship for Humaps?

For my study of commercial economics, I had to do an internship in a marketing department for the third year of my study. I did this for Finaps and Humaps. I have conducted research into the effects of SEO on start-ups. This research was ultimately conducted to stimulate traffic toward the Humaps website. Furthermore, I mainly assisted the marketing team in creating content and coming up with ideas to boost the marketing of Humaps.

How has your work influenced Humaps?

I looked at Humaps with a new and fresh look. I contributed to the performance of the website by critically looking at how the website and social media were set up. As a result, I advised on where improvements could be made. I also worked on other aspects of the marketing of Humaps. This has made the message and overall look and feel of Humaps even better in my opinion.

How has your experience been with the Humaps team?

My experience has been super positive with the Humaps team. I worked together with the product owner and the marketing team of Humaps. The team made me feel very welcome and appreciated my vision and ideas. They have been always there for me and vice versa. We were able to properly divide tasks and combine each other’s work into one final vision. Apart from all the work, it was also very nice to work with these people as we had a lot of fun.

What has been your general impression of the Humaps application?

What struck me the most is that the HR solution is well designed. There is a clear focus to make the functionalities easy to use and I believe that the application is well-arranged. You can set up your HR administration and carry out HR processes with ease. The application is especially recommended for SMEs who are looking for a simple way of executing HR processes, as it was designed with this target audience in mind.

We want to thank Wail for his time here at Humaps. He was a great help during our start. We wish him a lovely time during his well-deserved vacation and wish him all the best for the future.

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