Happy customer: BMO

Since its foundation in 1979, BMO’s goal has been to support organizations so that they can focus on their own expertise. Forty years later, this philosophy still stands. They are also the first company that has implemented Humaps. We, therefore, asked them to share their first experiences with Humaps. Elizabeth Ytsma & jenske van den oetelaar of BMO told us the following:

“Humaps is an excellent application that is clear and easy to use. We used to have an excel sheet to manage our time, but this was a slow and tedious process as the excel file became bigger and bigger. Since the implementation of Humaps, we can create overviews with a push of a button and our invoicing process has become much clearer and quicker. I used to have to fill in my hours twice: once in my schedule and then in Excel, but now it is done in one go.

It also gives me a clear overview of my company. I can see all my employee files and I can see what assets we gave them. It gives me peace of mind to know that all data is gathered in one place and that it is quick and easy for everyone in my company to find.

Humaps is of course a new product, so we did come across some bugs and things that do not yet work as they should. When we report this, it has been picked up immediately. The communication with the Humaps team has been going very well so far.”