Leave & sickness in 3 steps

Humaps Leave Request

Step 1

Every user can apply for leave. They can indicate if the leave is annual leave, special leave, or unpaid leave and can optionally send notes with their requests. The user is also able to call in sick at any time from the homepage so that at these times you can quickly indicate that you won’t be able to work that day.

Step 2

In the leave management, the user+ has an overview of all the leave requests of all the users. Here, the user+ can check the requests and approve or reject them. To make this process as easy as possible you will have access to the information you need, such as who else is on leave at the time of the request and how many annual leave hours that user has left.

Humaps Approval & disapproval leave request

Step 3

When approved, the user can enjoy their holiday. All the leave hours are neatly stored within the overview. With the built-in filters and adjustable templates, the user+ can create their specific exports to gain insight into when holiday hours are spent, absenteeism, and such.