Transactions (In 3 steps)

Humaps transaction request

Step 1

Each user can request transactions that they have made during their work. From accommodation costs to travel costs, and from training costs to sales & marketing costs, everything can be delivered, with the receipt and can be linked to a specific project.

Step 2

The user+ checks the transactions and approves or rejects them. If a receipt has been added to the transaction, it will be displayed in the app itself. Here a User+ can also indicate whether the VAT is deductible or not.

Humaps transaction approvel & disapprovel
Humaps export transactions to files

Step 3

The approved transactions are bundled into a payment batch that you can send directly to your bank. As a result, every employee will receive his costs back. In addition, it is possible to export transactions in excel, pdf and it is possible to download the receipts in a zip file.