User Files (In 3 steps)

Humaps overview all data and request payroll mutation

Step 1

The user can edit/add general information in “my profile” if the user wants or have to change any important/relevant information. The user has also an overview of all his personal information and can request a payroll change if needed.

Step 2

The user+ has an overview in the user management where the user+ can check the payroll change requests of users. The user+ can approve or rejects the requests of the users. The user+ can adjust data in all user files. In addition, the user+ can add files to profiles.

Hmaps approvel and disapprovel payroll mutation request
Userfiles Humaps

Step 3

When the user+ has approved/rejected a payroll change or has adjusted information of a user, the user will get notified if his request is approved or not and that his details have been modified.